Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction and Course Content (9 minutes)

  • 2

    Your Style of Leadership

    • The Legacy of Your Leadership (11 minutes)

    • Re-connecting with your Strengths

    • Barriers to Progress (16 minutes)

  • 3

    Identifying the Problem

    • Defining Expectations of Performance, Behaviour and Attendance (11 minutes)

    • Role Model Behaviours

  • 4

    Environment and Planning

    • The Right Environment for Effective Listening (13 minutes)

    • Planning, Preparation and Evidence (12 minutes)

  • 5

    Managing the Difficult Conversation

    • Managing the Conversation Effectively (21 minutes)

    • Assertive and Effective Communication

    • Managing Escalating Behaviours (17 minutes)

  • 6

    Achieving Successful Outcomes

    • The Answers Are With Them (21 minutes)

    • Defining Expectations for Change (11 minutes)

    • Monitoring Progress to Achieve Positive Outcomes (13 minutes)

  • 7

    Maximising Your Success

    • Personality Type Can Make a Difference

    • Managing Effectively in Relation to Gender and Age (16 minutes)

    • Effective Performance Management to Support Progress (18 minutes)

    • Performance Management - Sample Objectives

  • 8

    Summary, Next Steps and Feedback

    • Summary and Next Steps (8 minutes)

    • Feedback Survey

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